How to Plan an Affordable Summer Vacation – US News and World Report

How to Plan an Affordable Summer Vacation – US News and World Report.

The biggest key to affordable is “PLANNING”. The days of last minute bookings are gone with the booming economy. By planning ahead, travelers will find that they have more options available to them at prices that are more affordable. Waiting until the 11th hour to book can be hit or miss. If you are lucky enough to grab a travel deal that fits perfectly into your plans and dates, you should consider yourself “in the right place at the right time”.

“FLEXIBILITY” – just saying I want to go here for these days and spend this much are not realistic. Be willing to compromise on what is least important and you will find that your funds will take you a lot further. Flying in or out of alternative airports,  red eye flights, or staying at the next city over instead the popular locale with higher priced accommodations.

“OFFERS” – taking advantage of them is the biggest way to save money. If you want Disney, go when they are offering their free dining or off-season specials. You may not want to be in Florida in July, but you will save and get the same Disney experience at a more affordable price. Consider cruising or a tour, you can find some amazing values on these prepackaged arrangements and will save by not needing to rent a car and pay for gas at its peak this summer.

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