The Future of Flying Looks Bright!

Not to date myself, but I remember the good ol’ days when getting to your destination was as much a part of the experience as the destination itself. With the lack of service and unpleasantness of flying that exists today, flying is just a way to get to your location so you can start your vacation.

But, wait! On the Today show this morning, correspondent Jeff Rossen from The Rossen Report, shared a story that got me hopeful for travelers and the future of traveling. Airbus, as I speak, is focused on designing the new future of air travel. Imagine choosing your flying experience to match your needs. Are you a family with small children? Enjoy your flight as you sit together in facing seats with an open play area in between for your children to get up and play. Are you business travelers whose flight is just one of many stops on a busy week? You will be able to reserve a private bed that will allow you to catch up on some sleep as you travel from one place to the other, or use as a private quiet spot to relax and catch up on some work, no matter how long the flight. My favorite is the restaurant pod! You and 3 other friends or family members can sit and enjoy restaurant style dining service(s) and beverages while heading off to your destination of choice. Not traveling with 3 others, then grab a seat at the bar and enjoy because before your happy hour is over you will arrive. Spa pods and workout areas were also mentioned. Yes, seat belts are all part of their plan and they are coordinating with the FAA to make this a reality in the next few years.

As a travel agent who hears the daily horror stories and frustration with flying. I try to avoid air travel purchases whenever I can. But, I am really excited and inspired to hear that there are possibilities in our future, beyond the one size fits all flying experience. I look forward to offering these new accommodations to my clients and experience a new day in flying as Airbus brings our flight experience back to part of the travel experience to new heights!

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