Bucket List Travel Starts at Home

One of the reasons travel is such a popular pastime is because people want to change their story. For relaxation, new setting or learning, they dream of visiting places they have never been, seen online in pictures and on screens or have heard others talking about. But have you ever thought that starting your exploration journey closer to home can make you a more avid traveler? If you do not know all the best places to visit where you live, if you have not experienced all that your own city has to offer, how will you find those experiences when you travel elsewhere?

You become spoiled in knowing that you can experience any of the historical, cultural, recreational and enjoyable venues that are near your front door, whenever. But do you enjoy them? Spending more time exploring and enjoying your own city, will make you a more experienced and knowledgeable traveler. How? By offering you experiences, events and opportunities that you can enjoy without a hotel room or a commute. These local experiences will offer you knowledge and enjoyment that will make you a more aware traveler. They bring more knowledge of cultures, festivals and celebrations that exist close to home and more initiative to seek out more immersive one of a kind opportunities, that you may otherwise miss. Then when you plan your next “dream vacation” you have the means and the drive to delve deeper into the locale you are visiting and look beyond the known reasons to visit and bring back your own knowledge of your experience that goes beyond a photograph and becomes part of your story.

Travel image created by Freepik

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