So Really! Wave Season? Time to Book or That’s What they Want you to Think?

It happens every year. Its the first quarter of the year and as you are deciding what your New Year will look like, your resolutions, your goals, your plans….  the increase of travel ads and promotions has you wondering plan or wait?

Wave Season was created by the cruise industry for the suppliers and destinations to post their most aggressive marketing campaigns to woo travelers to book their travel plans early for the upcoming cruise season. Over time, it has become a key marketing plan for all travel suppliers including all-inclusives, land suppliers and escorted tours. But are they the best offers?

If you have a specific destination or experience that you are focused on or want to hit the current “hot” destination then yes, don’t wait! With the current state of the economy, travelers are increasing in numbers and with limited options of itinerary’s and suppliers, you may find that your 2018 plans will now be moved to 2019.

If bottom of the barrel “lowest” pricing is what drives you,  then “Wave Season” is not going to offer you the 2/1 pricing, lowest priced deals or can’t lose opportunity for somewhere or anywhere. Plan on booking 30 – 60 days out, paying in full and taking what is available.

At the end of the day, set a budget and if the pricing fits, don’t wait. The value of what you will receive booking early, the larger options of choices with promotions and the confirmation that you WILL be checking your destination off of your bucket list for the upcoming year will be more then rewarding.

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