Don’t know what’s next. Embracing what’s now!

Heard it said our whole lives….. “life is short”, “time flies” “every moment matters”. There comes a point when that reality slaps you square in the face. After years of being someone’s mom, the center of their world, a VIP, your children are preparing to head to college, finishing up college, have moved hundreds of miles from home to seek their dreams, or all of the above. You realize you have gone from hero to feeling like a zero. Then add in facing that last birthday before your decade changes (yet again).  A feeling of anxiety, and uncertainty that you spent half a lifetime taking care of others and now you are not sure what comes next.

Having always worked, while caring for my family, you would think transition would be easy. Just jump 100% into career, focus on building a brand, clientele, business. But, it still leaves a quietness that was once filled with a blissful sound of constant noise. Waking each day to think, what is the motivation, the reason for being, what is my future?

It then hit me a few days before my birthday. I spend my time each day assisting others to check their wants and desires off of their Bucket Lists. What can I accomplish between now and that next birthday that will create motivation and purpose? I don’t mean my travel list or “must do” before I die list (still paying for kid’s college, after all). I am talking about a list of things, some travel, some worthy of talking about and some simple experiences that I have wanted to have but have not taken the time to do and embracing them.

And so it begins, 50 goals that I want to accomplish before my next milestone birthday in 354 days…..

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