Where to Next?

As we were trying to figure out our summer plans, yes even hard when you are in the travel business. We don’t have time for hitting one of the exotic locations on our list this summer, and we live in a location that people flock to for their summer vacations. Leaving for a long vacation seems counter-productive. But like most people, we enjoy getting away, want to experience some new locales and also have some fun and exciting adventures, so where do we go?

Living in the South, our area comes alive as the weather warms. We have great beaches, historical sites and amazing dining and entertainment options. It is hard being spoiled and having to make such a tough decision. We are beach people, staycation is our summer living at the beach. Then it hit me that there are U.S. beaches that exist that are not off the coast of the Atlantic or the Pacific, but off some of our inland lakes in the Northern U.S. After a little research and now heading into the planning stage, I am excited to experience a beach culture that is 100% different then our home based palm tree’s, boogie boards and dolphins.

So, the Great Lakes it is. With 5 different lakes all offering different coastal environments and some even bordering another country, we will head out to explore the coast with a fresh water experience. A coast that offers some of the same experiences that the Ocean does like boating, swimming and  surfing. Who would have known, you can surf a lake!

So, the lake lifestyle experience is where to next. As for what we find there, that is soon to be discovered.

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