Ssshhh! Secret Travel Pricing!

We are just about to hit May and you haven’t planned your summer travel yet. Scouring the internet you are seeing hundreds of offers from cruise lines and travel suppliers that look interesting and may even entice you to take a deeper look. But did you know there is pricing out there that you do not know about?

Most suppliers do a great job of filling rooms and cabins with their competitive offers and monthly promotions. But there are hundreds maybe even thousands that go unbooked. So how do they fill these? Many of these are offered to partner Travel Advisors to offer to their personal clients in the form of “secret or covert pricing”.

I am sure you are aware of  third party travel suppliers and websites that claim to have incredible pricing, commit now  and supply a credit card  and you will lock in at stated price. In reality, you get a call to say that price or option is no longer available, but we have this other more expensive option available that we will put you in. Or, you call the travel provider directly and they quote you a price that is a little better then what is advertised, which is great,  but you may still be leaving money on the table.

Travel Advisors who specialize in specific vendors are offered highly discounted pricing, prices they can not advertise but can share directly with their clientele. These are prices that can get you locked into an itinerary paying hundreds and sometimes thousands less then what the same option is advertised for on the internet. Another reason why having a travel consultant on speed dial, who knows you and what you are looking for, can guide you into finding these “secret” offers and bring value to you. Or, you can spend hours searching the internet…..

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