Hitting the road for Memorial Day Weekend!

After weeks quarantined at home and cancellation of summer plans to places far and away. Memorial Weekend and Road trips will go hand in hand this year. The first official weekend of summer for many will be a chance to get away.

So, consider these tips as you plan for your auto travels.

Clean your car– The anticipation of leaving behind your day-to-day and heading somewhere fun. Don’t bring the unneeded with you like all items that found a place in your vehicle that don’t need to be there. They will only frustrate you when all the new items start to add up.

Have a plan, keep it flexible – Holiday travel is the busiest time on the roads. Traffic, construction, weather, accidents and unexpected delays will happen. It’s always nice to get where you are headed on or ahead of schedule, but keep it real.

Play it safe– Worse than getting pulled over, being 300 miles from home, realizing you can’t find your insurance card…. sorry officer – not a great way to start a weekend. A plastic baggy with copies of insurance card, registration and Drivers Licenses for each driver. Who knows when you will lose something or worse it gets stolen.

Make it an adventure – As great as it is that we now have entertainment to pass the time in our vehicles, like DVD players, iPads and Nooks, the fondest memories are always the time spent together. Take breaks from the electronics, play some old fashioned road games, sing songs, or just chat. Even the most familiar travels will become fun and new.

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