The “New” Travel with Limited Footprint

With all the changes to the travel industry during this time as a result of Covid-19, now is the opportunity for travel vendors to implement new practices and policies. These strategies will benefit the environment and ultimately promote eco-tourism.

The biggest resistance for responsible travel comes from the guests who don’t understand the benefits of impact and mostly fear changes will effect their wants, needs and expectations.

Now that everything is changing, providers can squeeze in these adjustments almost unnoticed to allow for positive change to travel experiences for the guests meanwhile also effectively reducing carbon footprint.

How are these changes happening? Like everything in the travel industry, it started with the luxury suppliers who have been proactively reducing or removing plastic use, reducing energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and lowering waste by offering plant based options. Additionally they have been implementing reduction, preservation and conservation into their daily policies and procedures.

Charity is also being implemented through the luxury brands through volunteerism opportunities that benefit an Eco-friendly environment.

New positions within the industry are being created called “Environmental Officers” whose position is solely dedicated to maintaining a reduced footprint at hotels, resorts and on ships.

Lastly education is being offered to travel advisors to teach them how to encourage Eco-tourism by promoting Eco-friendly suppliers and destinations and learning how to reduce impact in their daily activities and recommend ways clients can do the same in travel practices.

While nothing comes easy, the positive effects of the travel ban is allowing change that 6 months ago, probably would have been met with resistance.

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