Why River Cruising will be the Safest Way to Travel Post Covid-19!

After month’s of quarantine and uncertainty, we are now finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

As expected, as a travel advisor, the question I am getting from everyone is health safety which unlike the past is the single most important requirement that future travelers have.

Embarking on international travel in the fall and moving forward will have updated procedures and policies to protect passengers on all modes of travel. However, a 62 passenger river cruise ship will be able to accommodate these, the ever changing requirements of the various countries, towns and villages they travel through and still provide an experience that won’t feel strange or forced.

Like floating hotels, river cruises take guests through countries with the benefit of waking up each morning to a new locale and new experience.

Some of the safety benefits include;

Ship capacity can be limited to allow for more space for guests onboard and will remain low compared to ocean cruising.

Cruise staff can monitor the small number of passengers arriving with temperature checks and/or Covid testing, if necessary. The small staff onboard can also be monitored themselves with daily checks to further protect guests.

Having easy access to land, medical staff can be called or services can be immediately provided to assist passengers and staff as needed.

Travelers of course have their own cabin space, but they will also have their own dining space with plenty of opportunity to social distance from other guests without feeling isolated.

Guests on river cruises spend most of their time in the ports they visit with options like use of bicycles and easy access to walk from where the ship is docked for immersive opportunities.

Excursions are able to be limited to accommodate less guests and provide extra distancing while on motor coaches and/or private drivers can be used.

Guides will be trained to assist with social distancing and providing guests with safe experiences. Pre-arranged excursions will allow cruise guests VIP access to museums and other places because of the relationships the cruise line has with local sources.

I for one can’t wait to travel and I know that when I do, hopefully this fall, it will be on a small ship that offers me all these benefits for my safety and safety of the others around me.

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