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How to find luxury at the beaches of Egypt

Traveling to Egypt is a popular location for the adventurist looking for an archeological journey into the cradle of civilization. But what many are finding is that Egypt has so much more to offer then it’s historical sightseeing. Egypt’s Red Sea is an inlet that lies between Asia and Africa offering relaxing beach coastline and water activities while also offering the Arabic desert experience one comes to expect from visiting Egypt. 

The Red Sea Riviera is a popular beach destination within Israel that many Europeans flock to during the winter for some warm beach vacations. But lesser known Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula became a popular diving destination starting back in the 1950’s with expeditions by the likes of known divers like Jacques Cousteau. Fast forward 70 years, the area now draws visitors to the many resort areas along the Red Sea coastline while also offering options for water sport activities in addition to soaking up the sun with a beach vacation.

If you want to know more about the beach regions of Egypt we invite you to read on:

Sharm el-Sheikh

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One of the most well known beach destinations in Egypt, a beach town with Naama Bay on the Sinai Peninsula. One of the original diving spots within Egypt for the many coral reefs and Ras Mohammed National Park which offers world-class diving. Located within the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm el-Sheikh offers turquoise blue ocean views of the Saudi Arabian mountains and coastline in the distance across the gulf.

If diving is not your jam, Ras Um Sid reef also offers snorkelers the opportunity to explore the corals and spot rainbow colored reef fish at the surface. The draw to the area is definitely the resort area of Sharm el-Sheikh with its sandy beaches and modern luxury resorts with many options for restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Formerly occupied by Israel from 1967 to 1982 who built up the area, the venture was successfully continued by Egypt once they resumed control of the region. 

Regardless of your interest in visiting, the Sharm el-Sheikh area is filled with sun, beach and water activities and you won’t want to miss the sunsets over the gulf.   

El Gouna

North of the town of Hurghada built along the shore and on small islands is the beach resort area of El Gouna. Built as a family-friendly vacation spot on Egypt’s eastern coast with many options for large and luxury resort accommodations offering many amenities and spas. 

The draw to this area is the resort town and the marina with high-end shops, restaurants, bars and the multitude of additional activities that are available for the active traveler. A popular area for watersports, kayaking, paddleboarding and waterskiing. You can also find many other fun activities like paragliding, horseback riding, golfing and ATVing for a break from the beach. 

El Gouna is filled with canals and lagoons offering beautiful seascape sites. The most popular activity in the area is kiteboarding which can be seen off the long and wide Mangroovy Beach area and is just as popular for watching as it is for participating. Zeytouna Beach offers white sand beaches and a jetty with coral reefs and great snorkeling opportunities. 

Many Egyptians have been flocking to the area for years for luxury vacations. So whether looking for luxurious amenities to relax and unwind or an activity filled vacation, El Gouna can offer a little bit of everything. 

Soma Bay

An hour south of the main coastal town of Hurghada, where you will find an international airport, is the beach town of Soma Bay. Surrounded by water on 3 sides and the largest spa  facilities in Egypt, makes this a playground for beach goers and resort vacationers.

Egypt’s very exclusive beaches can be found along the strip of white sands of Soma Bay with all-inclusive luxury resorts and 365 days of sunshine. Formerly a Egyptian military location. The peninsula is popular with wealthy Europeans who escape the cool winters for luxurious beach vacations. 

As a newer beach area, the entire town consists of resorts surrounded by the ocean and being all inclusive there are many activities available within the resorts with water sports, golfing, entertainment and beach activities. 

However for divers or snorkelers, the reefs nearby offer some of the best opportunities for enthusiasts. As a new and upcoming area, Soma Bay is constantly being developed and more opportunities for modern amenity resorts continue to pop up. 

Just 3.5 hours from the city of Luxor makes Soma Bay an easy reach for travelers exploring the popular sites of the Egyptian ancient civilizations for post travel relaxation or side trips from a beach vacation. 

Marsa Alam 

A lesser known vacation destination area located in the most southern part of Egypt’s Red Sea coastline has been a well known diving spot for years. Filled with coral reefs and beautiful beaches, as the Red Sea coastline has increased in popularity, Marsa Alam has become the newest strip of hotels to the beach coast of Egypt. 

Offering an international airport makes it easy to reach and filled with all-inclusive and five star resorts makes the area exclusive for visitors featuring private beaches, resort pools, family oriented activities and spas. 

Abu Dabab beach offers beautiful reefs filled with colorful corals and more unique sealife. Turtles, crocodile fish and octopus with beautiful white sand beaches attract vacationers looking for diving, snorkeling and beach vacations rolled into one. 

Some of the nearby popular diving areas that attract divers are Elphinstone filled with underwater fauna & sealife, Dolphin House, Shaab Samadai for the large amount of dolphin in the area and Fury Shoals which provides coral gardens, dolphin and various wrecks to explore. 

For land experiences, the Emerald Mines of the Roman and Ptolemaic period of rule are nearby as is the Temple of Seti built by Seti, the son of Ramses I and father of Ramses II. The biggest highlight of the area is taking an Egyptian Safari, guided tours by quad or camel to some of the highlights of the interior desert region. 


Visiting Egypt for the top explorations of the region is a must, but adding extra time at the beaches creates a relaxing add on to an unforgettable bucket list vacation. 

The highlights of Egypt can be seen on a 10 night river cruise itinerary from Cairo through Luxor and back. Find out more about a Nile river cruising experience.

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Beaches You Want to Visit in Cape Town

On the southern tip of South Africa along the Atlantic is Cape Town. Known as the “Mother City” as the original city established in S. Africa by Europeans in 1652. 

The location of Cape Town along the Atlantic coast is original for being a cosmopolitan city that sits among a beautiful landscape of mountains, ocean and also offering some of the best beaches in the world.

Visiting Cape Town for its history, culture, friendly people, wildlife or for her landscape, a beach visit is a must with many options: 

Atlantic Seaboard – on Cape Town’s western coast, the suburbs of Clifton and Camp Bay have the top real estate in S. Africa and the area’s top beaches with its white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Sitting on the Atlantic side of the peninsula and facing west for amazing sunset views and views of Table Mountain are another reason for the popularity of the beaches in this region. 

  • Clifton Beach and it’s 4 coves (Beaches 1 – 4)

Considered one of the top if not the best beaches in Cape Town, Clifton beach is located off the affluent Clifton neighborhood in the Cape Town region. 

Composed of 4 beaches separated by Granite boulders, called coves, the area attracts many locals and visitors for its powdery white sand and easy access for water sports. 

Uniquely due to the geography of the region, the warmest waters will be found in the winter months (May – August) when temperatures will reach 68 degrees as opposed to the summer months (November – February) when the water will reach maximum highs of 50 degrees.

Popular for wave and body surfing, plus boogie boarding the largest waves are found at 1st beach and the calmest are at 4th beach. 

1st beach is a popular surfing destination and where you will find the majority of the serious water lovers. 

2nd beach is popular with the teen and college crowd who spend their days playing volleyball, frisbee and other sand activities. 

3rd beach is the smallest in area and is known as a destination for the LGBTQ crowd looking for a more intimate setting. 

Families can be found at 4th beach where you will also find yachts that anchor near 4th beach due to its calm waters and easy shore access. 

  • Camps Bay Beach

15 minutes from central Cape Town and also located on the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the Twelve Apostles mountain range near Table Mountain is Camps Bay Beach. 

The village of Camps Bay, like Clifton is an affluent neighborhood of South Africa. Camps Bay offers the largest white sand beach within a small bay off the western coast of the Cape Town peninsula.  

The largest of the beaches in the Atlantic Seaboard area is located within a popular tourist area with hotels, bed and breakfasts and villa accommodations plus offering acclaimed restaurants, cafe’s, bars and nightclubs for a one stop visit location at the beach.  

The beautiful views from the beach here has made it a popular wedding destination within South Africa for ceremonies on the beach or at one of the nearby resorts. 

West Coast beaches –  offering long, sandy beaches to the North of Cape Town. These beaches are popular for kite-surfing and windsurfing due to the wind and surf conditions.

  • Bloubergstrand

On the shores of Table Bay is a small seaside town located about 15 miles North of Cape Town. A mostly residential area, it’s northern location with consistent winds and cooler waters attracts visitors as the ideal location for windsurfing and kite-surfing enthusiasts. 

The Bloubergstrand beach region lies within a marine nature reserve protecting the endangered Cape Rock lobster and abalone. 

Another popular reason to visit the beach at Bloubergstrand is for the views of Table Mountain across the bay making it a picturesque spot.

During the S. African winter, this is the place to come for sightings of killer whale, dolphin and fur seals. Otherwise beautiful views of Table Mountain across the bay and for its uncrowded pristine beach makes it worth the visit anytime.

False Bay – Just shy of an hours drive from central Cape Town, the “C” shaped coastline is a picturesque region of the S. Africa to the southeast of Table Mountain along the east side of the rocky Cape Peninsula. 

  • Boulders Beach 

Simon’s Town located just over the mountains from Cape Town has a sheltered beach that sits between 540 million year old boulders which is how it received its name. A popular location for visitors but not for its sand and sea but for its local residents. 

Boulders beach is the home of the Africa penguin who can only be found along the South African coastline and are protected by the Cape Nature Preservation due to their current status of extinction. 

Boulders is one of the only locations to get close enough to observe the birds in their natural habitat as they wander the beach. 

Tip: Head over to nearby Foxy beach for an even better view of the feathered birds with boardwalks to view the birds from above. 

  • Muizenberg Beach 

One of the longest beaches in the area covers 20 kilometers (12 miles)

A beach side suburb of Cape Town, in the western Cape region, this beach town is the top surf destination. Due to it’s warmer waters (can hit up to 58 degrees) and consistent swell of waves, surfing here dates back over a hundred years accounting for it’s popular surf culture and where many come to learn to surf, or sample riding the S. African waters. 

The beautiful wide beach is flanked with colorful beach cottages on the beachfront. Venture a little farther down the beach and you will find picturesque Victorian bath houses that date back to the heyday of the beach’s history in the 1800’s.

Like the historic beach huts, this beach is all about simple good old fashioned beach fun and is the perfect setting for swimming, gathering, learning to surf and sun-bathing.

Adjacent to the beach you will find cafe’s, restaurants, boutiques and surf shops for the full beach resort town experience.

Africa is a bucket list destination for wildlife and exploration. When planning an African experience, South Africa is a must see and a visit to beautiful Cape Town is highly recommended.  

For more information on how to explore Africa, visit our webpage

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