When to plan your Summer Vacation?

With Easter behind us, that means one thing. Summer is approaching. In today’s economy, many people choose to wait until the 11th hour to plan their summer vacation. However, with rising gas prices, airline mergers and an unpredictable american economy, travel suppliers are rewarding those who choose to think ahead.

Booking air travel is the most difficult part of planning your travels. When is the right time to purchase, you don’t want to buy at the wrong time and find out later that you could have saved by waiting, who is the best carrier to fly with, with all the rules and restrictions you are pretty much locking yourself into that fare because they will charge you anywhere from $100 – $250 to change your flight. Booking air is like playing the stock market, your best bet 3 – 4  months out  is to watch the fares and purchase when you see it at a low. But, wait, if you don’t purchase in time 6-8 weeks out or more you may end up paying top dollar. The best way to get a great fare, is to book it as part of a travel package. Airlines will offer discounts to travel suppliers and the suppliers are happy to pass it along to you for planning your travels with them.

Additionally, cruise, tour and even hotel suppliers have packages that come with discounts or with benefits that will not be available if you wait. The best advice from travel professionals, book in advance. In most cases you will be required to put down a deposit, but you have many months until you have to sign on that dotted line.

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